It will be nearly two months since Young Dolph’s unfortunate death, despite the fact that authorities have suspects in custody over his murder case. That doesn’t cure the pain his loved ones and fans still have after his death.

Recently, Mia Jaye, Young Dolph’s partner and mother of his children, sat down for her first interview since his death, expressing the grief she had to contend with during his absence. In an interview with ABC News Live, Mia said, “It took a long time to iron out the kinks with a celebrity. Someone who has a lot to do, travels a lot and the family can take a back seat. But eventually he made the sacrifice and was there and we did things like planning our wedding. “

“It was extremely difficult just to pick up the broken pieces and find strength for my children … That was my soulmate.”

In their first interview since Young Dolph’s assassination, longtime partner Mia Jaye talks about their relationship, family.

– ABC News Live (@ABCNewsLive) January 13, 2022

Mia also spoke about her Black Men Deserve To Grow Old campaign, which was launched after her brother died. The campaign’s mission is to support families who have lost their fathers and husbands to violence, and Mia said she was able to find support in the community she originally founded to help others.

“Little did I know I was putting this campaign together to help my brother’s family and the other families affected by such violent crimes. I didn’t know I was preparing for my own journey, too, ”she said. “I’ve received a flurry of fan support for various celebrities, I just mean everyone.”

As previously reported, the authorities announced on Tuesday that two murder suspects were in custody. The next day, they announced that a third suspect had been charged in the case for allegedly helping Justin Johnson [one of the suspects]who was on the run from the authorities.

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