In case you missed it, nautical fashion was all over the runways in Spring / Summer 2022. As refreshing as it is, it’s not entirely new: sailor collars and Breton stripes didn’t come into being until the 19th century. For its contemporary resurgence, designers have revised these then practical design codes and used them as fashionable flounces for the modern chest of drawers. Think marine Double-breasted jackets made of wool made for fighting cold sea winds and stretchy cotton pants who, hopefully like the tide, work with you, not against you.

When it comes to channeling the voyage-ready trend, there is not just one uniform uniform. Even then it was known that the ruling powers were optimizing the naval insignia. In 1858, Napoleon Bonaparte loosened the standard militant armor for a casual cotton stripe t-shirt – also known as the Breton top. Originally The shirt had 21 stripes to symbolize Bonaparte’s military victories and was used to identify soldiers who had fallen overboard. The Breton top offered an early glimpse into the casual side of nautical fashion that designers are taking advantage of today.


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