The return of the Mini skirt looks radiant for 2022. The cropped silhouette, which was first designed by Mary Quant in the 1960s, has been an indispensable party piece for decades and brings pint-sized fun to every outfit. Designers slowly reintroduced it into their fall / winter 2021 collections, so by spring / summer 2022 mini skirts could be seen everywhere.Balmain, Blumarine and Bottega Veneta had iterated on the floors. This time around, the styles that designers sent down the catwalks were a touch more casual than their retro predecessors.

Do you need a closer look? cashbox Miu Miu‘s collection, which swapped beaded mod skirts for pleated micro-minis that were on par with the Dark science Trend. Kim ShuiShe, on the other hand, sent down and slit A-line skirts with cowboy hats Y2K-Centric halter tops. It girls celebrate the more casual twist and combine it with wide Gucci sweaters (à la Shelby Ying Hyde) to bizarre vests (Camila rabbit). Whichever version of the trend suits you, equip yourself with the best miniskirt outfits of the moment – and search your closet for pieces that could be the perfect addition to your new beloved below the waist.


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