Newsflash: We’re not in the 80s anymore, which means two things. First, shoulder pads are a thing of the past (phew), and second, there are a lot more contemporary bodysuit options than there used to be. What matters is what you want to accentuate. If you are known for a full makeup moment, we encourage you to sign up for one high-necked silhouettethat make it possible Your glamor to really shine. Or if you’d prefer to let your cleavage do all the work for you, why not give one a try U ring style? The keyhole-sized neckline is seductive and elegant.

Next, consider the occasion. One of the great things about bodysuits is that they can be discreet or make a statement depending on what you want. For a cocktail party, try a sleeveless version that compliments your frame and can be paired with a slim midi skirt. If you’re just drinking coffee, then a classic rib knit style and a pair of jeans are sure to do the job. Remember, you choose the body; it doesn’t choose you.


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