There is a mindset that umpires are best heard but not seen. That their only role should be to enforce the rules and not turn into a spectacle. Everything flies out the window when it comes to the NHL’s King of Enthusiasm, Wes McCauley.

McCauley’s rendition of “five minutes each … for the fight” is absolute perfection. Here’s a guy who knows how to play the moment and turn it into more than just a hockey fight. It’s the main reason McCauley was universally loved. Seriously, try to find someone who will say something negative about McCauley – it just doesn’t exist.

He’s been a referee since 2003, but it’s only been recently that people have realized how phenomenal his referees are. In April, he surprised us with two incredible moments that made everyone fall in love.

Now McCauley is back with his five to fight, reminding us to love him again. Every sport needs an animated referee, I mean who could forget Ron Cherry?

We need more adorable referees.


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