While we love our historic homes, there is a lot to be said about fresh talent. Fashion’s new kids have the ability to reinvigorate your everyday wardrobe without the pressures of legacy or design codes. The new fashion designers act with a genuine sense of creativity and offer fantastic silhouettes that are as eye-catching as they are opulent.

A good example of this is Harris Reedwhose tailoring, inspired by the 80s, romantic details and pussy blouse blouses quickly made an impression on the style set (Reed has all attracted Model) trust to the actress Florence Pugh). Reed is new Cooperation with Etro, as part of The innovator program from MatchesFashion, has further established him as a designer to look at.

In a fast-paced industry where labels rise and fall faster than Celebrity couples (Do you remember Zac Posen?) It is understandable why we as buyers would doubt about designers who are just becoming more important. We want to know that our garments are of high quality so that they can last over a season and not depreciate over time. If previous newcomers like Alexander McQueen and John Galliano are all you can imagine, it’s a risk worth taking. Plus, there’s nothing like wearing a brand in front of everyone else.

Below, our assistant fashion editor has rounded up 11 new fashion designers that you can get started in the sport before anyone else. Make 2022 the year you stay on trend and stay ahead of the curve.


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