A Washington DC elementary school teacher is the heroine of her class this week after taking a giant swig in the playground and bringing hot chocolate to the kids.

Ms. Fitz is a schoolyard folk legend after drinking this shot under the pressure of so many big-eyed kids hoping for a hot drink. I’ll admit this is so heartwarming and delightful – but a bad part of me was kind of hoping she totally bricked it up and said, “Puppy, sorry kids, back to math now.”

The thing about this recording is that conventional wisdom has it that you should do the opposite. Getting hot chocolate for an entire class is a hell of a big endeavor, so the classic approach would be to say, “If I miss this, I’ll get you hot chocolate,” and if you accidentally meet her, you’ll get it nice for her anyway being.

So essentially, Ms. Fitz was putting all the pressure on herself here not to screw up this shot, with a slew of chocolate addicted kids hanging out every second on this shot, and she’s still skipping hell.

The coolest teacher ever, with a ridiculously bold way of dealing with all of this. I mean, it’s like KD always said: you miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take for free hot chocolate.


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