The week before the winter break is a tough week for teachers. The students are already pretty checked out, their thoughts wander before the holidays and the nice, long weeks without school. The last thing anyone wants to do this week is to take a test, and luckily for the students in Mr. Chasteen’s health class, professional sports teams from around the world have lined up to save them from that fate.

Mr Chasteen shared a video on TikTok announcing that he will cancel the last test of the calendar year if a professional sports team comments on his video.

Remember, he was only looking for one (1) professional sports team. Fountain…

The Lions didn’t win much this season, but they showed up to give a W to Mr. Chasteen’s students anyway.

And other NFL teams followed suit.

I like the way you think cardinals.

The Falcons mascot, Freddie Falcon, also checked in.

Hell, the entire NFL tuned in.

In any case, the pro-cheer counts!

Major League Baseball also showed itself great.

Along with the WNBA, the NBA, the NHL, and pretty much every other professional sport around the world.

The Olympic Games began. THE ENTIRE OLYMPY.

Yes ma’am. Olympic champions count too!

NCAA sports are obviously not professional sports, but that didn’t stop Duke Athletics from showing up to sponsor a test-free week for Mr. Chasteen’s students.

Insurance isn’t technically a sport, but we’re all here on Team No Tests Before Holiday Break.

I don’t know Ali, but I’m just happy that he is committed to the children!

Sure, welcome to the party, T-Mobile!

You’re damn right QVC.

The Louisville Bats came up with a fabulous idea.

Pizza Hut and Papa John obviously agree.

Papa John wasn’t the only papa who went along. Does the band from the 1990s play Papa Roach? You are now.

It’s so nice to see so many brands banding together for such a fun cause.

We agree with Baltimore Raven’s linebacker Malik Harrison.

Happy Holidays to Mr. Chasteen and his students, and congratulations to Mr. Chasteen for cementing his legacy as the coolest teacher ever.


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