Ziath Announces Cyclops – a new linear and 2D barcode reader for its popular DataPaq ™ Mirage, Cube and Express rack readers.

Image source: Ziath Ltd

Cyclops is designed to accurately read linear or 2D codes printed on the rim of tube racks. This allows laboratories to use racks without an integrated “97” code or orientation barcode on the underside, a useful function as not all rack manufacturers offer these functions. The Cyclops also illuminates the side of your barcode rack while reading, ensuring an accurate rack reading under all lighting conditions.

Advantageously, the Cyclops can also read barcodes on racks of different sizes and with variations in the position of the printed code on larger racks without adjustments, saving you time and avoiding reading errors.

With the powerful DP5 high-speed rack decoding software from Ziath, a connected Cyclops reader can be switched on or off depending on the type of rack used. In addition, DP5 has the ability to save three different rack templates for each numeric format. For example, racks with 96 positions without a rack code, an integrated orientation code or the use of the Cyclops device to read rack barcodes. This advanced feature enables organizations to use racks from different manufacturers and easily switch between them, including legacy racks that have no code.


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