Bitfinex, the popular crypto trading platform, has introduced a Financial Information eXchange (FIX) gateway, a routing service that uses the FIX protocol, which enables a high-speed connection to the exchange.

FIX is a language mainly used by institutions and trading platforms to communicate trading information. This non-proprietary, free, and open standard is constantly evolving to support business and regulatory needs and is used by thousands of companies to complete millions of transactions.

The introduction of a FIX gateway by Bitfinex will enable institutions to use their existing FIX infrastructure to connect to the Bitfinex platform. The introduction of FIX prevents bottlenecks on the platform, especially during periods of high volatility, and improves the latency and performance of the platform.

The language of the FIX protocol consists of a series of messaging specifications used in commercial communications. Originally developed to support stock trading in conventional financial markets in the pre-trade and trade environment, it is now expanding into the post-trade area and supports straight-through processing (STP) from interest notifications (IOI) to on assignments and confirmations.


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