You don’t have to be within half a mile of a gym to (pun intended) in a cool athleisure outfit. Ribbed bicycle shorts, cut out tank tops, and chunky sneakers have taken over the fashion industry so much that a workout outfit is just as suitable for running on the treadmill as it is for running errands. If you’re looking to upgrade your flimsy collection of leggings and baggy t-shirts, turn to these activewear brands for a much-needed refresh.

While some of the brands on this list have been around for ages (think: New balance and Nike), there are many newer names you may hear for the first time, such as Full court and GAUGE81. Some go the nostalgic root and offer ’70s-inspired sweaters and sneakers, while others keep things modern and tap into the matchy matchy of 2020 Training set Trend.

Ahead, we currently round up 27 (yes, 27!) Of the best activewear brands in the fashion industry. These brands have everything you could need for the gym, grocery store, and work from home.


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