Surely you have already heard that cryptocurrencies have become a very important element of finance worldwide.
The truth is that even without you realizing it, these assets have gradually grown, gaining strength, and attracting the attention of more and more investors.
The success of cryptocurrencies has been such that the number of digital currencies that have come onto the market in recent years is truly impressive.

What 8 years ago was simply a project that was taking its first steps, today it is a reality that has been applied to a large number of independent companies and projects.
Not only has the number of crypto assets that exist in the world grown, but also the number of uses that can be given to them.
Thanks to this, it is increasingly common to see people buying or using currencies such as Bitcoin with total normality.
What you may not know is that there are currently hundreds of cryptocurrencies with a great future in the market. Yes! The number of these assets grows almost daily even if you don’t realize it.
The truth is that although the newer digital currencies are not as well known as the giants of the market, they are still an excellent opportunity for many investors to make money the easy way.
While a Bitcoin is costing around $ 7,000, a digital currency that has barely been on the market for two years or less can cost only $ 5.
It may not be so flashy to trade with low amounts, but you should bear in mind that all cryptocurrencies that today cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, started out costing only pennies.
What is very attractive when investing in these new cryptocurrencies is that they could increase in price just like their older sisters.
It is very common for a digital currency to have a fairly moderate price when it goes on the market.
However, once it has gained popularity, this same cryptocurrency could cost even 1000 times more.
This is what has happened with the largest virtual currencies of the moment such as Ethereum.
For that reason, today I want to talk to you about cryptocurrencies with little time on the market but with a great future ahead, those that, although they are not very popular, have very ambitious projects that have been successful so far.
What are the new cryptocurrencies?
Thanks to all the success that cryptocurrencies have had, there are currently more than 1400 digital currencies that exist in the market.
Hundreds of virtual currencies are created annually. The best part is that each year the number of coins created the previous year is exceeded.
All new cryptocurrencies seek to differentiate themselves from the rest, adopting different and innovative systems,
Some differ in the way their token is used, others in the speed of their transactions or in some general specification.
In this case, I want to tell you about the most recent cryptocurrencies on the market and all their characteristics.
Between 2017 and 2018, some cryptocurrencies have come out with very interesting characteristics, which set trends and that I am sure you will like.

Bitcoin cash

The first of the new cryptocurrencies with a future that you should know is Bitcoin Cash.
Yes, surely the name is very familiar to you and you are wondering if it has something to do with the Bitcoin you know.
The truth is that this currency has a name similar to Bitcoin, thanks to the fact that it was created from it.
Bitcoin Cash is one of the two cryptocurrencies that have been created from Bitcoin, along with Bitcoin Classic.
This currency differs from Bitcoin thanks to the fact that it allows its users to carry out faster and more private operations.
As you already know, all cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology .
In the case of Bitcoin Cash, the size of its blocks is larger and the processing time per block is less.
This boils down to a greater number of operations accepted for each batch of information and a greater speed in its processing.


Second on this list of cryptocurrencies is for DeepOnion, another digital currency that you can choose from since 2017.
This is one of the safest cryptocurrencies today, as its transactions are anonymous and impenetrable by any type of legal or illegal institution that may want your personal information.
This currency was created in order to ensure complete anonymity in all its operations.
In addition to this, the protocols with which it is programmed ensure that no external person will be able to alter the system. In other words, DeepOnion cannot be hacked.
As additional points, DeepOnion also has its own portfolio that allows you to carry out operations very comfortably.
That is, you will not have the need to go to another digital wallet.


One of the cryptocurrencies that has caught the world’s attention, it was created at the end of 2017, in order to serve users in Latin America.
The name of this digital currency is Mercoin and it was baptized in this way thanks to MERCOSUR, an international economic organization that operates in the region.
This cryptocurrency was born with the purpose of adapting the Latin American public in a simple way to the reality of cryptocurrencies.
This does not mean that people from all over the world cannot access it, on the contrary, it is available all over the world.
The strong point of this cryptocurrency is that it promises that its operations will be so simple that even people without much experience with this type of asset will be able to do them without a problem.


A new cryptocurrency that breaks all the schemes you know is the Bilur.
This is the first digital currency to back its entire value in units of energy from oil .
Yes, for the first time a digital currency is given a mineral endorsement. In this particular case it is oil.
The value of Bilur is established daily at 4:30 in the afternoon in London, being 1 unit of Bilur equivalent to 1 ton of oil .
This digital currency has been so innovative that it has inspired other countries like Venezuela to create a cryptocurrency that would be backed by gold, diamond, gas and oil reserves.

You should keep in mind that these are just a few of the many new cryptocurrencies that hit the market since last year, but there are also many, many more digital currencies that you can choose from.


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