Jennifer Lawrence is an Arianator!

Apparently, the pregnant Oscar-winner isn’t too cool to her co-stars: she was totally amazed Ariana Grande while working on the upcoming film Don’t Look Up.

Jennifer, 31, admitted that she’s basically Ari’s biggest fan. “She can’t make bad music,” she said, according to Variety, on November 17th during a Q&A for BAFTA voters.

The Joy actress continued, “I’ve since thought about my behavior with Ariana Grande. I became the complete winner of the radio competition. I was so excited and nervous that at one point I just went to her hotel room and sat down. “

It seems Jen is aware that her behavior toward the 28-year-old “thank you, next” artist wasn’t particularly cool. “I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately,” recalled Jennifer. “There were all these swimwear for her hair and makeup and I was like, ‘Do you live here?'”


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