Last month, LA County filed a motion in the lawsuit against her. They asked Vanessa Bryant and the others involved in the lawsuit to undergo a psychiatric evaluation to see if the helicopter crash caused any emotional distress and the death of their family members. Or if they have suffered emotional stress from the leakage of the alleged photos taken by employees at the crash site.

According to CNN, Judge Charles F. Eick denied the county’s request for psychiatric evaluation for those involved in the lawsuit, saying it was “premature”.

Skip Miller, the county’s external attorney, responded, saying, “The fact remains that no first-responder photos of crash sites have ever been publicly distributed, as Ms. Bryant confirmed in her testimony. We have full sympathy for the tremendous loss she suffered. But from a legal point of view, we don’t think that something that didn’t happen could harm her. “

During their argument, the district stated that plaintiffs “cannot suffer from photos of accident sites that they have never seen and that have never been publicly distributed”. They further argued that medical involvement would help determine “the existence, extent and cause” of the “alleged harm” suffered by the plaintiffs.

Plaintiffs’ legal departments responded, saying, “Complaint that claims are only being made for emotional distress does not ’cause controversy’ to a party’s mental state.” They added that the county should endeavor to alleviate an individual’s emotional distress to be determined with “less intrusive means”. “

ABC News also reports that during a testimony last month, Vanessa Bryant said, “Emotional distress means not only must I mourn the loss of my husband and child, but I must be afraid for the rest of my life that these photos of my husband and child will be leaked to my child. “

As previously reported, Vanessa Bryant and family members of the victims tragically killed in the helicopter crash last January joined forces to bring legal action against the county after allegedly taking photos at the scene. It was alleged that photos were the subject of discussion within the department without being associated with investigative purposes. It was also alleged that a MP showed photos of a woman trying to impress her.

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