Of all the things that signal the arrival of winter (Black Friday madness, vacation Movies Landing on the Hallmark Channel), nothing marks the seasonal shift as much as your lover’s breakout winter coat. From the sport meanwhile Pick an apple Upstate until early morning coffee, your coat is your ally in the fight against the harsh winter. While we are all in favor of extending the life of clothing, there is an argument for freshening up after the tumultuous year we have all had. It’s time to find an outer garment that properly reflects your more mature state of mind.

Finding the right winter coat is like finding one partner or the perfect apartment – it takes time. You want a piece of clothing that supports you in the good, the bad and the ugly (hey, we all can’t be that.) Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy or Harry Styles). The key to this is figuring out what type of dresser you are. Are you the type of gentleman who wants a black wool coat for casual days and cocktail hours? Or are you an explorer looking for an insulating, weatherproof piece for your next adventure? Maybe yours personal style is something completely different. From then on, it is a matter of throwing yourself into the deep end and seeing what hits the market.


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