Roommate, Chloe Bailey ditched her platinum blonde locs for her signature shade of brown … but she wants you all to know it’s only temporary. Chloe Bailey has been testing the theory for the past few months that blondes have more fun while promoting her solo career – however, it appears she is officially giving her a little break.

To kick start her solo career and promote her hit song and video “Have Mercy,” Chloe Bailey dropped the soft brown locs she was famous for and took a stroll on the blonde side with platinum locs that are hers new era, new personality and new attitude.

Chloe has rocked the platinum blonde hair color for several high profile red carpet events, including her debut at the MTV VMAs, the Met Gala, and more. Perhaps because of the drop in temperatures, she decided that her brunette color was better suited for the fall season. When she published a new video of her hair, she tweeted: “The blonde is … outside for the time being.”

Meanwhile, Chloe recently talked at length about the endless comparisons she gets with her mentor Beyoncé during a recent interview with ‘The Breakfast Club’.

“I love her so much. We talk about anything and everything and I’m so grateful that she acknowledges her, and she keeps giving me encouraging words. You have no idea how much that means to me. And knowing that the advice she gave me, coming from the exact place I’ve been, is pretty cool and inspiring. “

Chloe said she was grateful for the comparisons and called it the “biggest compliment” anyone could give her. However, she admitted that she still has a lot to do in her career.

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