There’s a reason why Tote bags appear year after year in our accessories rotation: They are reliable, fashionable and big enough that you don’t have to choose between your favorites Eyeliner and blush. Since the publication of the Dior Oblique Book Tote (which first appeared in the brand’s Spring / Summer 2018 collection) designers have significantly expanded their selection of tote bags to compete with the success of the latter accessories. Brands no longer want to be satisfied with simple monochrome styles and have started to integrate distinctive details into their classic totes.

One person who heads the prosecution on this matter is American designer Marc Jacobs, presents its signature tote made of faux lambskin, batik canvas and, as shown below, patchwork denim. The latter touches on the past and present, hinting at the grunge aesthetic that made it famous and the resurgence of upcycling over the past year. To the FendiThe striking details do not come in the form of fabrics, but in quilted seams that combine Italian luxury with contemporary accents. Whether you go for the latter or the former, our top styling tip is to pair it with monochromatic, minimalist outfits – so the new age totes have the focal point they deserve.


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