The Chicago Sky celebrate their 2021 WNBA championship on Tuesday after beating the Phoenix Mercury in a dramatic four-game series. Chicago clinched its first title in franchise history with a massive rally in the fourth quarter that infuriated Mercury star Diana Taurasi so angry that she reportedly broke a door at Wintrust Arena.

This door is the focus of attention today.

There is, of course, a context behind this. Mercury’s Diana Taurasi, furious after losing the WNBA championship, is said to have broken down the locker room door at Wintrust Arena in frustration. Taurasi then refused to speak to the media and has not really spoken about the incident since.

Sure, Heaven could just ignore this ever happening, or they could use it as a moment. If you are a door that has slammed it has to be beautiful. Usually you just hang around, watch everything, but are never part of what is happening. Instead, this door got a chance to live, stripped of its doorway and picked up a door that no piece of wood could ever imagine. On a day when human athletes are celebrating one of the greatest achievements of their careers, this door takes center stage.

Good door.


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