Olympus ‘newest DP series microscope camera – the DP23M monochrome camera – continues the series’ reputation for high quality images. With the advanced features of high-end microscope cameras, the DP23M monochrome camera delivers premium fluorescent images at a reasonable price.

Image source: Olympus

Fast, efficient fluorescence protein expression checks

The camera’s sensitive, backlit monochrome CMOS sensor, 6.4 megapixel resolution, fast frame rate and advanced features combine to provide bright fluorescent images of even very dark samples for fluorescence protein expression testing and routine fluorescence imaging and documentation. In addition to fluorescence, the camera also supports microscopy techniques, including phase contrast, inversion contrast and differential interference contrast, for additional flexibility.

Fluorescence images are recorded with a high signal-to-noise ratio, while Olympus Smart Image Averaging (OSIA) further reduces the noise during the live display to reveal even small, subtle details in the sample. With a wide spectral range from 400 nm to 1000 nm, you can image samples with common infrared dyes.

Simplify routine fluorescence imaging

The black and white camera DP23M is equipped with high-end functions that enable fast and efficient image capture. The Fast Live function keeps the screen image clear while you move the sample, making it easier to find areas of interest even with long exposures. To speed up the focusing process, the Focus Peaking function helps you to quickly determine and adjust the critical focus. A new sharpness filter allows you to use the camera with 10x low magnification lenses to see details over a wide field of view and check multiple cells at the same time.

Quickly start imaging

The DP23M camera is passively cooled and uses a single cable connection, making it compact and easy to set up – just plug in the USB cable. Thanks to the seamless integration into the cellSens imaging software from Olympus, image acquisition is simple and intuitive.

For more information on the DP23M monochrome camera, visit www.olympuslifescience.com/en/camera/mono/dp23m/.

Source: https://www.olympus-lifescience.com/en/


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